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Consolidated expertise

Inno­va­ti­ve com­pa­nies and inven­tors, uni­ver­si­ties and rese­arch insti­tu­ti­ons, aut­ho­ri­ties and muni­ci­pa­li­ties – they all con­tri­bu­te to Bavaria’s lea­ding role as a cent­re for sci­ence and tech­no­lo­gy in Ger­ma­ny, Euro­pe and across the world. The Bava­ri­an Rese­arch and Inno­va­ti­on Agency’s goal is to sup­port Bavaria-based sta­ke­hol­ders in sus­tai­ning and streng­t­he­ning this position.

As a cen­tral point of con­ta­ct in Bava­ria, we allo­ca­te fun­ding and advi­se espe­cial­ly SMEs and uni­ver­si­ties in their efforts to app­ly for fun­ding from the Free Sta­te of Bava­ria, the Ger­man government and the EU, while also offe­ring sup­port with issu­es sur­roun­ding the trans­fer of tech­no­lo­gy, patent pro­tec­tion, and the explo­ita­ti­on of sci­en­ti­fic fin­dings – in short: from the initi­al idea to the finis­hed product.

To do this, the five part­ner orga­ni­sa­ti­ons (each with their own focus area) that make up the Bava­ri­an Rese­arch and Inno­va­ti­on Agen­cy work tog­e­ther at their offices in Nur­em­berg and Munich:

Bava­ri­an Rese­arch Alli­an­ce GmbH (Bay­FOR)

The Bava­ri­an Rese­arch Alli­an­ce GmbH (Bay­FOR) is a pri­va­te com­pa­ny to sup­port Bava­ria as a cent­re for sci­ence and inno­va­ti­on wit­hin the Euro­pean Rese­arch Area. It was set up at the end of 2006 on the initia­ti­ve of the Bava­ri­an uni­ver­si­ties and uni­ver­si­ties of app­lied sci­en­ces to streng­t­hen their net­wor­king at regio­nal, natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal level and help them pre­pa­re to meet the requi­re­ments for Euro­pean rese­arch fun­ding. To achie­ve this, Bay­FOR sup­ports and advi­ses Bava­ri­an sci­en­tists and pri­va­te sec­tor sta­ke­hol­ders in the com­pe­ti­ti­on for regio­nal, natio­nal and Euro­pean rese­arch, deve­lo­p­ment and inno­va­ti­on funding.

BayFOR’s Infor­ma­ti­on and Sup­port Cen­ter for EU-funded R&D Pro­jects con­nects Bava­ri­an sta­ke­hol­ders from sci­ence, aca­de­mia and the pri­va­te sec­tor at Euro­pean level and assists them with acqui­ring EU fun­ding. The focus is direc­ted at the Frame­work Pro­gram­me for Rese­arch and Inno­va­ti­on “Hori­zon 2020”. Sci­en­ti­fic experts pro­vi­de subject-specific infor­ma­ti­on and offer stra­te­gic advice and acti­ve sup­port for initia­ting pro­jects, set­ting up inter­na­tio­nal rese­arch con­sor­tia and sub­mit­ting pro­po­sal app­li­ca­ti­ons. Upon suc­cess­ful eva­lua­ti­on, Bay­FOR is able to pro­vi­de sup­port during grant pre­pa­ra­ti­on with the Euro­pean Com­mis­si­on and, when reques­ted, Bay­FOR pro­vi­des sup­port with pro­ject manage­ment throughout the pro­ject dura­ti­on. The key the­ma­tic are­as inclu­de envi­ron­ment, ener­gy and bio­eco­no­my, health rese­arch, bio­tech­no­lo­gy and food, infor­ma­ti­on and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on tech­no­lo­gies, nano-sciences, new mate­ri­als and pro­duc­tion, trans­port and avia­ti­on, social sci­en­ces, eco­no­mic sci­en­ces, huma­nities, secu­ri­ty, and edu­ca­ti­on.  Fur­ther­mo­re, BayFOR’s EU Liai­son Office in Brussels repres­ents the inte­rests of Bava­ri­an uni­ver­si­ties at Euro­pean level. It incre­a­ses their visi­bi­li­ty and acts as their inter­me­di­a­ry estab­li­shing con­ta­cts with Euro­pean insti­tu­ti­ons. This con­si­der­ab­ly enhan­ces the pro­spects of Bava­ri­an app­li­cants suc­cee­ding wit­hin the Euro­pean Rese­arch Area. Ano­t­her aim is to incre­a­se the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on of Bava­ri­an enter­pri­ses – par­ti­cu­lar­ly SMEs – in fun­ding pro­gram­mes. As a part­ner in the sup­port net­work for SMEs “Enter­pri­se Euro­pe Net­work” (EEN), Bay­FOR acts as an inter­face bet­ween aca­de­mic rese­arch and the industry.

Bay­FOR also coor­di­na­tes the joint acti­vi­ties of the Bava­ri­an Rese­arch Asso­cia­ti­ons and sup­ports their net­wor­king efforts at Euro­pean level.

Final­ly, the Sci­en­ti­fic Coor­di­na­ti­on Office Bavaria-Québec/Alberta/International wit­hin Bay­FOR pro­vi­des sup­port for bila­te­ral and mul­ti­la­te­ral rese­arch pro­jects from the­se regions.

Bayerische Forschungsstiftung

The Baye­ri­sche For­schungs­stif­tung (Bava­ri­an Rese­arch Foun­da­ti­on) was foun­ded in 1990 by the Bava­ri­an sta­te government, in order to boost Bava­ria as a site for qua­li­ty high-tech through effi­ci­ent and fle­xi­ble pro­mo­ti­on of application-based rese­arch. The Rese­arch Foun­da­ti­on con­cen­tra­tes on forward-looking pro­jects, the rea­liz­a­ti­on of which chal­len­ges sci­ence and com­mer­ce con­joint­ly while assu­ring clo­se and suc­cess­ful col­la­bo­ra­ti­on.

Two types of pro­jects are fun­ded: indi­vi­du­al ven­tures and com­bi­ned rese­arch; in addi­ti­on, scho­l­ar­s­hips are pro­vi­ded for sci­en­tist exchan­ge pro­grams. The dura­ti­on of the fun­ding is limi­ted, and the pro­jects must be joint­ly car­ri­ed out by sci­ence and indus­try. The goal is to crea­te eco­no­mic value from the rese­arch results of main focus are­as such as life sci­en­ces, infor­ma­ti­on and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, micro­sys­tems engi­nee­ring, mate­ri­als sci­ence, ener­gy and the envi­ron­ment, mecha­tro­nics, nano­tech­no­lo­gy, and pro­cess and pro­duc­tion engineering.

Inde­pen­dent indus­tri­al com­pa­nies, mem­bers of the pro­fes­si­ons, uni­ver­si­ties, non-university rese­arch insti­tu­tes and uni­ver­si­ties of app­lied sci­en­ces, and mem­bers and estab­lish­ments of insti­tu­tes of hig­her edu­ca­ti­on who are aut­ho­ri­sed to car­ry out rese­arch and deve­lo­p­ment pro­gram­mes are enti­t­led to sub­mit app­li­ca­ti­ons. They must have a regis­tered office, plant or branch in Bava­ria. Pro­fes­sio­nal advice is given to all app­li­cants. Exter­nal experts and a sci­en­ti­fic advi­so­ry board ensu­re that the Foundation’s com­mit­tees select only the very best pro­jects.

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Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH (BayPAT)

The Baye­ri­sche Patent­al­li­anz GmbH is the link bet­ween sci­ence and busi­ness. As the cen­tral patent and mar­ke­ting agen­cy of 28 Bava­ri­an uni­ver­si­ties and uni­ver­si­ties of app­lied sci­en­ces, they eva­lua­te and mar­ket the inven­ti­ons of more than 23,000 sci­en­tists in Bava­ria. Fur­ther­mo­re, the com­pa­ny offers sup­port and con­sul­ting ser­vices to small and medi­um busi­nes­ses regar­ding pro­prie­ta­ry pro­tec­tion and mar­ke­ting of inven­ti­ons as offi­cial WIPANO part­ner for Bavaria.

Bayern Innovativ GmbH

Bay­ern Inno­va­tiv GmbH is Bavaria’s orga­ni­sa­ti­on for inno­va­ti­on, tech­no­lo­gy and know­ledge trans­fer. It sup­ports play­ers from indus­try and sci­ence in all sta­ges of the value chain by pro­vi­ding cus­to­mi­sed ser­vices to boost inno­va­ti­on dyna­mics. Bay­ern Inno­va­tiv ope­ra­tes at the inter­faces of various indus­tries and tech­no­lo­gies. The goal is to build an eco­sys­tem of dyna­mic net­works to acce­le­ra­te the inno­va­ti­on pro­cess. In addi­ti­on to the organisation’s own clus­ters Ener­gy Tech­no­lo­gy, Auto­mo­ti­ve and New Mate­ri­als, acti­vi­ties focus on “cross-clustering” with other Bava­ri­an clus­ters and net­wor­king with key play­ers in the Bava­ri­an inno­va­ti­on landscape.